Making a home insurance claim

When you make a major claim on your home insurance, it is quite possible that the insurer will dispatch a loss adjuster. This person comes to your house and assesses the situation, trying to work out if you have done anything in breach of the terms of the policy.

This is the point when knowing the small print of your policy is essential, and the accuracy with which you filled out the policy form comes back to visit you. The following factors can be used by loss adjustors and insurance companies to exclude some people from payouts. It is worth being aware of them:

Inaccurate information provided: for instance, the model of the stereo you have had stolen is different to the one listed on your contents insurance. Falsifying a home insurance claim can lead to prosecution for fraud.

Failure to secure your house properly: If you have installed a burglar alarm and it is not switched on when your house is burgled, the insurance company can use this as a loophole.

Negligent care of a property can lead to a claim refusal. If you allow your house to fall into disrepair and then claim for repair, you will likely not succeed. Insured property should be maintained by proper repair work.

Garden furniture is often not covered.

In some instances making a claim is simply not worthwhile, especially if the excess is set to a higher than usual level.