Home Insurance Guide

Many homeowners and tenants think that home insurance is an unnecessary luxury, and it is estimated that 25 per cent of households in the UK are actually not protected by any type of household insurance. However, home insurance should be viewed as an essential, in order to protect against unhappiness and financial loss related to buildings and contents.

Homeowners should insure both their buildings and their contents, and tenants should be looking for a contents-only policy (responsibility for the structure usually lies with the landlord.) Landlords should perhaps consider specialist landlord policies, and should certainly insure their properties.

This introduction to home insurance takes the consumer through all of the common policies and situations.

Buildings Insurance

Home security and home insurance

Subsidence and home insurance

students at university

Making a home insurance claim

Contents Insurance

Flooding and home insurance

Fire and home insurance

Expense of home insurance cover

insurance for renters or tenants

Extent of home insurance cover

frozen pipes and home insurance

holiday homes and home insurance

Home insurance policy choices