Subsidence and home insurance

Changes underground can cause incredibly serious problems to your house. Subsidence can turn the dream property into a nightmare, and costs to repair the situation can easily run into thousands. Most buildings insurance

policies cover subsidence, but often there is an excess of £1,000. It is worth fully investigating the wording of your insurance policy when it comes to subsidence to establish exactly what you are covered for.

Houses will generally subside for one of the following reasons:

Clay under a house shrinks during summer, and when it gets wet it expands. This can cause foundations to move, and upsets the structure of the house. Interior walls made of plaster can crack.

Unstable land caused by previous land use. This can include subterranean mining, water-extraction, tunnelling, or landfill. Much of the land in places like the United Kingdom has previously been dug for some reason or other.

If you think that your property has subsidence, it is important to investigate the problem and act immediately.