Second or holiday homes and home insurance

Holiday homes are attractive propositions, particularly for homeowners desk-bound in the city. Having a place to escape to without holiday crowds and expensive hotel rooms can seem like an ideal extra purchase. However, when it comes to second homes insurance can be tricky, and homeowners who are thinking about getting a second home should make certain of their cover.

Holiday homes carry with them unique risks. If you plan to rent the holiday house out, you should look for a policy that can protect your income. You must make your insurer aware of the fact that the insurance is for a second home, because the insurer can refuse to pay should you not have disclosed this fact.

The following tips could help to keep your second home insurance down:

Try not to leave your second home unoccupied for long periods of time. Some policies will remove cover for some events should you leave your home unattended.

People who keep second homes for their own use pay lower insurance premiums. Renting out a house brings with it many other insurance responsibilities such as personal liabilities

Many policies will not cover the furniture and possessions stored in a second home.

Frozen pipes can be a major concern in the winter months, and preventative measures should be taken at the end of the summer.