Home security and home insurance

Unfortunately, very few homes are completely secure. Wherever you live, you could be at risk from burglars. Therefore, taking preventative measures is always a good idea, and in some cases it could also reduce your insurance premium. The following security measures could be useful:

Change the locks on your new house when you move in. Also, make sure that all locks are secure. Some insurers will reduce the premium if your house is equipped with a certain type of lock.

Security systems can be a good idea, particularly if you can afford to choose and expensive police-linked alarm. Some insurers may give you a policy discount if you have a security system fitted to your home.

Houses that are empty are more likely to be burgled, so if you are away make sure someone you trust keeps an eye on the property. It could be worth fitting time switches to some lights in your home.

Leaving keys outside your house is generally a bad idea, and any objects in the garden that can be used to break in should be removed.

Security lighting can be useful.

Joining a neighbourhood watch scheme can reduce your insurance premium and offer added protection.

Don’t give out information over the phone.

Dogs can be useful for deterring burglars.