Freezing temperatures, frozen pipes and home insurance

Winter can cause havoc for some homeowners. As temperatures plummet, taking time to make sure your house will see the winter through really is an essential. The following precautions could help you through the winter without any unnecessary disasters:

  • Make sure that pipes and tanks in loft spaces or attics are well insulated
  • Keep central heating low if you are away from home. Should your pipes seem frozen, shut of mains water and the heater tank to lessen damage if a pipe bursts
  • Thaw frozen pipes gently, with low, steady heat. If you know where a pipe is frozen, keep a container handy to catch water. Do not use a naked flame.
  • Make sure you know the contact details of a plumber should you have an emergency. When it comes to insurance, make sure that as well as your pipes being covered, any fittings or possessions that are damaged by burst water pipes are also covered.