Flooding and home insurance

For some homeowners in areas of high flood risk, getting a home insurance policy can be extremely difficult. The impact of flooding can be absolutely devastating, and it is more sensible to be aware and take preventative steps than to try to repair the situation following the flood.

The Environment Agency has released a comprehensive document entitled ‘preparing for floods’ that suggests ways to limit flood damage to property and possessions. A few simple measures can be followed:

  • Knowing how to shut down gas and electricity
  • Storing valuables in dry areas
  • Obtaining temporary flood barriers
  • Fitting valves to prevent sewage backing up

There are numerous more comprehensive methods to ensure that your property remains less damaged by flooding. Storm proofing is always a good idea, and tips for this include:

Securing all guttering to the property

Make sure no part of your house (hanging baskets) or garden (sun lounger) can blow away.

If you think that your property could be prone to flooding, it is essential to insure both buildings and contents. Although storm damage won’t usually affect the structure of the house, in the UK at least, flooding could decimate your contents.