Mortgage Glossary: S

Glossary of Terms
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Self Certification Self certification is a way for borrowers who would have problems proving their income declaring their earnings, and therefore being able to get a mortgage. Usually, a simple declaration of income is all that is asked for – although a slightly higher rate may be imposed.
Shared Equity Shared equity allows a borrower to buy a new house in partnership with a builder. Usually applied to new build projects, shared equity means that the deposit is paid by the builder. This could be of benefit in some situations but should be treated with caution.
Stamp Duty Stamp Duty is a type of tax levied on home buyers. This tax goes up proportionally depending on the value of a property.
Subsidence Subsidence refers to the drying of ground on which the homestands. This influence the structure of the dwelling and can cause cracks to develop. Subsidence is a particular problem for houses built on clay.
Structural Survey The structural survey is a report on the condition of a property, usually carried out by a surveyor. The aim of a structural survey is to examine any defects in the property, and anything that may need maintenance work in the future.

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