Quick Islamic Mortgage Enquiry

Are you considering buying a property as a Muslim in the UK?

If you are a Muslim or Muslim family, you will be well aware that there are faith issues surrounding the borrowing of money.

Should you wish to receive advice from specialist for an Islamic mortgage, Halal mortgage or Shiriah compliant mortgage, please complete our no obligation enquiry form to be linked with an Islamic mortgage lender such as the Islamic bank of Britain IBB who will be able to answer your questions and advise you of the Islamic compliant mortgages available based on your personal circumstances.

The Shiriah compliant advisers can help you with details of how much you can borrow and calculating your monthly mortgage costs, whether you are buying privately or from family, via an estate agent or at an auction.

There are also lenders who offer large Islamic mortgages of £500,000+ in particular high value properties in London. We hope you will find answers to everything you need from our Muslim mortgage specialists.