Equity Release Mortgage Enquiry

Enjoying your own home in retirement

If you are over 55 it is possible to consider releasing equity from your property to use for any purpose, such as increasing your income in retirement, using it for a capital purchase or providing a deposit for your children to buy a home.

Over half a million over 55’s in the UK have decided that releasing equity from their property rather than selling or moving to a lower priced property is suitable for their circumstances allowing them to remain in the family home for life and at the same time releasing funds enabling them to increase their monthly income. Often people consider equity release when they have a valuable property that they have spent many years buying during their life but increasingly lower incomes in retirement from pension schemes or savings.

Equity release is a way to effectively sell part or all of the family home but whilst retaining lifetime tenancy to the property. It should be noted that equity release mortgages also known as lifetime mortgages are complicated and similar to a normal mortgage there are many providers in the UK therefore we would suggest that you use the services of an equity release mortgage specialist to help you decide if equity release is right for you and also provide you with an equity release comparison.

Should you require more information on equity release please download our ‘Free equity release guide’ or complete the quick enquiry form for an adviser to answer your questions and guide you through the equity release process, we hope you will find this no obligation enquiry service of value.

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