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If you need or have a possible need for a bridging loan, they are normally required very quickly, so if you need to check on the availability of a bridging loan or need to put one in place please complete the quick enquiry form to receive help and assistance from a bridging loan expert.

Bridging loans can be used when moving house where the dates in the buying and selling of homes are unable to be arranged on the same day and there is an overlap where you need ownership of both properties at the same time usually for a very short period of time. Bridging loans can also be used in a multiple of other areas such as buying property at auction, self build projects, or even for things such as paying off Bankruptcy & Insolvency, including settlement of bankruptcy liabilities and IVA settlements.

Bridging loans are generally considered as a short term requirement for a large amount of capital secured against property which then becomes replaced by a more traditional long term loan such as a mortgage.

Once you establish a possible requirement for bridging it is worth completing the no obligation enquiry form as soon as possible in the process so that you are aware of what is available, the costs and fees and what paper work is required should you then wish or need to proceed with a bridging loan. We hope you will find the bridging loan service to be of value so that you have a quick decision in the availability of a loan.

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