Credit rating is important for first time mortgage seekers

Mon, 30 Apr 2012

People looking to secure a for the first time may want to make sure their credit rating is in good condition before doing so.

Catherine Hearnden, director at MyMortgageDirect, has noted individuals require a "squeaky clean" credit file in order to be considered for a .

Ms Hearnden explained sorting this out should be a first port of call for would-be home purchasers saving up for a .

Her comments come in response to new findings from Haart, which revealed from shot up in the first quarter of 2012 as a result of the stamp duty relief on dwellings up to 250,000 coming to an end.

Ms Hearnden observed checking their credit file is a must for those considering taking out a mortgage in the coming months and years.

She stated: "We have found that there has been an increase in identity fraud which stops you getting a mortgage because, until it is sorted out, the lenders won't lend."

Those wishing to bolster their credit scores may therefore find registering on the electoral role might help them with their cause.

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